Audition Requirements for

2020 Summer Camps:

Details published in the spring of 2020




MSC Audition Etiquette:


1. Arrive early, hand in your headshot and resume, and warm up. You may want to take a water bottle with you backstage.


2. Do not dress in costume, but dress to impress in attire that suggests the role for which you are auditioning.


      PLEASE do not wear all black.


3. Be polite and treat others with respect.


4. Do breathing exercises that help you relax as you wait. You also may want to listen to music on your headphones.


5. Walk with confidence, smile and introduce yourself when you're called in to the room with the directors.


6. Enjoy yourself and act like you love to audition.


7. Do not ask for a redo, how you did, or for advice on your acting.


8. Be professional and positive at all times. Do not be negatively emotional (sad, angry, bitter, etc).


9. Thank the directors.


10. Keep comments and thoughts about others’ auditions to yourself.


11. When roles are announced, be pleasant, grateful, and supportive.



Middletown Stage Company is located at

Middletown High School Performing Arts Center

200 LaRosa Lane, Middletown CT 06457