Here are some questions that are often asked about our summer program.




Who are the camp directors?


Middletown Stage Company employs only the best theater, dance, and acting instructors from the area. Most of us are certified teachers in CT, others are in college studying to become educators or performers, but ALL of us have extensive experience working with kids from young to old! You'll get to meet all of us prior to camp!


Your camp is a little pricey. Why is that?


Well, for starters, our camp is hundreds less than other local camps that run for the same amount of time. We charge about $30 per day for your child to have the best theater experience of anything that is offered in Central Connecticut! From daily workshops in stage makeup, costuming, stage combat, and dance to intensives that teach how to become a "triple threat," our curriculum fulfills any musical theater actor's dream. But don't think we're all business!! Along with our daily workouts in theater, we also have a ton of fun, too! You may see us outside one day enjoying a good ol' fashioned egg toss or perhaps you'll see some wacky hairdos for crazy hair day! But all in all, one thing is for sure--- your child will come home happy and tired every single day!


Do you offer financial assistance?


We offer financial assistance to families who are in need. If you are interested, there is a link provided on the camp page.


We saw your show last summer and it was amazing! How do you pull that off in just weeks?


In one word: Our staff!! We have an AMAZING group of instructors who know how to work with children to get the best out of them. Also, our kids are equally amazing and each and every one of them is dedicated to putting on an incredible production. You'll never hear one of our staff say, "they're only kids." Nope! Kids can do amazing things and we are proof of that!


What is the Showcase?

On the third Friday of camp, we offer a Showcase for parents to see what has been going on during camp all day. Yes, they have been rehearsing for their show, but they've been doing SO much more! The showcase is a time to do just that----showcase a variety of kids in camp that may not be featured in our production. It's a very fun night--be sure to mark your calendars! Oh, and we also announce our next year's shows that night, too!


Do you need parent volunteers during the summer?

Of course! We would love for parents to help us with many different aspects of our camp! We need you, especially at MCT where we even need parents to help with lunch time! But, if that's not your cup of tea, feel free to volunteer to help with costumes, sets, props.... whatever!


Why do we need to sell ads for the program?

That's easy! We need to sell ads to make money to afford our productions---and ads are 100% profit for us. Every dollar that we bring in from ad sales goes directly into the productions we put on, from the lighting to the costumes to the many props on stage! Plus, who can resist putting in a baby photo to embarass--I mean congratulate--your child!



Middletown Stage Company is located at

Middletown High School Performing Arts Center

200 LaRosa Lane, Middletown CT 06457